Wind: The Auto-Resistance

I live in an extremely flat area of the country.  There are no natural hills in my town and very few areas of elevation.  My town is a 4×4 mile block of community and is surrounded by agriculture.


The bad thing about wind?  It knocks you over, slows you down, and adds automatic resistance to running or cycling.

The good thing about wind? Automatic resistance to running and cycling is about all I can think of.  And the strength of our wind can get so strong it’s unbearable to do either activity.

Maybe I’m a wimp.  Maybe not.  But when your entire town complains about the wind I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s not just me.

The last few days have been windy around here, so I got some automatic resistance on yesterday’s 3 mile run.  I was going to ride my bike downtown for a quick tune-up, but 1) riding back would take forever in the wind and 2) they’re backed up.  Instead I’m going to attempt to install the bike rack on my new car and take it up to Perrysburg.  Fun times, y’all.

TWO DAYS until I leave for Bike for Tikes!

Today’s Workout: BODYPUMP!


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