Buddha’s Feast

We hit up PF Changs for lunch today and I ordered Buddha’s Feast, a delicious vegetarian dish full of yummy stir-fried veggies and brown rice!  Today and yesterday has been full of outdoor family fun, which means by mealtime I am one starvin’ chick!


We hit up several local metroparks to take care of our hiking fix!  We plan to head to Hocking Hills soon, so my mom wanted a chance to test out her shoes.  I love the Toledo Metroparks, especially Wildwood Metropark.  It is so beautiful and the trails are plentiful and well-maintained.  We were one group of many out enjoying the sun!


I can’t wait until pictures like this are GREEN again!

This morning before day two of outdoor family fun I fit in a 15 mile ride down the trail.  It was not a positive ride for this girl; my road bike gears wouldn’t shift properly and something kept rattling and driving me crazy.  I’m going to take it in for a check-up, but I’m cleaning off my hybrid/cruiser bike in case I need to use it for Bike for Tikes.  I used it last year and it worked out fine!

Speaking of Bike for Tikes…I’m finally set on gear!  After last year, I knew I wanted a hydration backpack, shoe cages (where toe clips would go!), and a warmer jacket!  You can read all about my hydration pack shopping here.  I don’t have an updated picture on my shoe cage installation, but I got them for $10 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Coleman Revel Hydration Pack (via Target)


Nike Women’s SoftShell Jacket (via Ebay).  I wore this yesterday and today and it was WONDERFUL.  Perfect insulation, not bulky, and wind resistant!


Reflex 1/4 Zip Pullover (via TJMaxx).  I found this while Easter shopping with my fantabulous fiance!  What a nice shopping surprise!


I LOVE thumbholes.  The sleeves were perfect for my long arms!


I was SOLD when it had a zippered pocket on the back.

What do you look for when purchasing new workout gear?


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