T-7 Days

T-7 Days until I’ll be sitting on a bike wondering what on earth I got myself into…again.  Yes, ladies and gents, I forgot about the misery enjoyed Bike for Tikes 2012 so much I decided it would be a good idea to do it all over again this year.  This next week will likely be full of posts about DM, biking, and other things related to the ride.

Physically, I think I was better trained last year, but mentally I’m in the game for 2013.  Yes, a lot of being able to successfully finish the ride is physical training.  I’m not an idiot, I run distance for fun, I know proper training is important.  The thing with Bike for Tikes was that mentally, I was ready to cry and call home for my mommy to pick me up be done about 3 hours into day 2.  Some of the ride is pure torture lonely, windy, and hilly.  I knew going into the ride that this would be tough, but now I’m mentally prepared to push through it better than I did last year.

I groaned, cried, and wanted to throw in the towel most of day 2.  I ran over an already-dead snake (my ultimate terror), was passed by a horse and buggy duo, and literally shook with cold all day. My APhiO partner for the ride, Patrick, was awesome and shared hand warmers with me, which I genuinely think saved the rest of what I could feel of my body.  Lunch was farther away than we were told, the hills stopped, and so did the mist.  Slowly but surely we got closer to home.


Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.  This is SO true about everything in BGDM.  It’s easy to SAY to just think about all of the kids we are biking for; last year we had pictures of our B4T miracle children pinned to our bikes so we could look at them when we were struggling.  It’s hard to look at them and complain, but you still want to do.  And that’s okay…but it’s your job to still put on your big girl panties and deal with it.  You signed up because for some reason, DM means something to you.  For me, it’s knowing that I’m lucky that my sisters and I grew up happy, healthy, and able to help others who need it most.  I do it because I know that at any point, someone in my life might need a CMN hospital to help their own child.  I do it because these kids are Falcon awesome, and everything we do is FTK.


Taylor Newlove

I ride for the kids who can’t. 

To support my efforts for BGDM, Children’s Miracle Network, and Bike for Tikes, click here.

Personal Disclaimer: I don’t like everything about Dance Marathon…that post is on its way shortly.  I do think the cause is important (obviously) and am in full support of CMN.

What cause(s) are important to you?


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