Up All Night

Up All Night by One Direction is an awesome workout song!  It’s fast, peppy, and perfect for sprints or when you’re tired!

Up all night, the action, is not so awesome.  I was up most of the night coughing and am one tired panda today!  A free mini-Starbucks from a barista walking around the union today was an awesome pick-me-up.  Skinny hazelnut latte…yummmm!


(Not my photo, found via Google images!)

I did suck it up and choose to spin instead of take a nap (which I really craved, by the way).  Working out was definitely a better choice.  Mantra: I’ve never regretted a work out!

I am starting to get concerned about my recovery from the flu.  I’m not normally someone to stay sick for long, so the past 10 days have been a real fun experience (sarcasm, anyone?).  I leave for my charity bike ride, Bike for Tikes, in 8 days…I sincerely hope I’m cured by then!

My apologies for the lack of posting the past few days, nothing crazy interesting has happened during my downtime (except the freak blizzard on Monday..).

The workout log was updated today!

Do you have any fun songs you like to workout to?


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