Success!  I finally found/made up choreography I liked for the song “Feel This Moment” for Zumba and debuted it at Zumba last night.  Apart from forgetting one of the transitions, I think it went fairly well!  That’s always one of my biggest fears as an instructor, forgetting my moves!  Zumba seemed extra-tiring last night, perhaps it was the insane shoulder track and biceps track from BodyPump earlier in the day?!  Who knows…I still love every minute of it!

GOTR practice was interesting yesterday.  Something we are going to work on with our girls the next few practices is what it means to be on a team.  I’ve done a ton of facilitation for teams over the past five years, but teaching this age group (3-5 grade) is going to be a challenge.  The girls yesterday asked if us (coaches) were Girls on the Run just like them.  We told them that we were because we learn along with them, they have a while before they’ll realize just how much they teach us!

Does anyone have any recommendations for teaching the concept of “teams” to this age group?

How was your workout yesterday?


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