Wiped Out

Dear Followers,

My sincere apologies for being absent the past few days.  Despite getting the vaccine, I caught the flu (I think my wonderful fiance was a carrier!) and have pretty much been down and out since Sunday.

I woke up in my delirium on Sunday to find this lovely little lady guarding my bed.  How cute is she?!

I typically take a laid-back approach to my training schedule when it comes to being sick.  I follow the “Above the Neck” rule often seen if you google “should I exercise when I’m sick.”  If my symptoms are all above my neck (running nose, sore throat, etc), I tone back intensity and still workout.  I find that an easy run sometimes help me feel a little better.  If I’m coughing, achy, or have a fever, you’ll find me near my bed or couch trying to sleep off the bug as quickly as possible (haha..right?).

My fever was gone when I woke up yesterday, so I went to the first workout of my BodyPump session and told myself to take it super easy.  I also took it easy at Zumba last night.

No workout today though – she-thing overdid it yesterday and is currently feeling in desperate need of a good night’s sleep to hopefully get rid of this bug before a conference call at work bright and early!

Do you workout when you’re sick?


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