I never knew it was possible for someone to whistle loud enough to nearly pop my eardrums until I was a lifeguard at the Rec in undergrad.  I guarded more than my fair share of swim meets, usually guarding from early morning until evening, listening to coaches and parents whistle, cheer, and scream for their child whose ears were UNDERWATER.  I was a swimmer, I understand athletics and competition, I understand cheering…but please, this weekend, all Zone qualifiers – please spare your lifeguards!  My fiance’s brother will be swimming and I promise to keep it down 🙂

Onto a completely different topic: anniversary celebrations!  No, not relationship anniversaries, but my fraternity chapter’s 65th chartering anniversary!  The celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Zeta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity is taking place tonight and I am so excited to see some dear friends and Brothers!

Pictures to come!

Workout:Unless I’m able to squeeze a little something in this afternoon, today will be a well-earned day OFF!  Side note: I’m walkin’ like a cowboy today from all of the squats from BODY PUMP yesterday!

Do you celebrate any milestones or anniversaries apart from relationship ones?


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