Squats on Squats on Squats

And more squats!  Today I went to a free Body Pump demo offered by the Rec Center I work at and did about a million squats (okay, not a million, but it felt like it!).  My supervisor and my mentor for Zumba were the instructors of the class – it was awesome!

Body Pump(TM) is a choreographed barbell class meant for low weight/high reps for toning and muscle endurance.  According to their website, you can get up to 800 repetitions in one class!  Nuts!  I signed up for the next session, so I’ll be going 2x/week.  Yay for new classes!

I went to the class after flying through a 3.5 mile run.  My training plan had 5 miles on the calendar, but I got stuck at work and wasn’t able to get over to the Rec in time.  I could have skipped Body Pump, but I’m glad I didn’t!  I’ll likely make up the 1.5 miles while coaching this afternoon for GOTR, so it’s all good with me!


(I was NOT running outside with it feeling like 14 degrees!)

Yesterday: I pretty much passed out when I got home last night (I guess my rough night of sleep had caught up to me!), so here’s my afternoon update:

I got to the ride and tone class a little early and was able to squeeze in a few extra miles before the class actually started.  The instructor had an awesome workout planned and I was super sweaty by the end!


I know…so glamorous!


Awww yea!  16 miles!

Do you have any favorite group fitness classes?


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