Such a Tease

For anyone else experiencing unusually warm weather, isn’t it such a tease?!  I wish these temperatures would just decide to stick around until summer!

(My backyard in the summer…Love it, Miss it, Would like it back now!)

My run this morning (6 miles) was sunny, slightly chilly, and breezy – my favorite for running!  I was definitely a little sore from last night’s amazing upper body circuit workout, but knew that I couldn’t pass up the chance to be out in the gorgeous weather!   I just flipped on my GPS, hit shuffle on my Marathon Playlist from last fall, and flew out the door!

I spent the rest of the day planning for the upcoming crazy-busy week, reading the novelMarathon by Hal Higdon (review to come!) outside under a blankie, and being with my family.  I’m sad to see Spring Break end, but know that the rest of the semester will flyyyyyy by.  I’m okay with that 🙂

I’m still on the hunt for a cheaper softshell running/cycling jacket, classy nude pumps, and car seat covers for my two front seats.  Any recommendations?


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