Birthday at Bobs!

Today we celebrated my grandma’s xxth birthday!  Her birthday is actually tomorrow, but due to the predicted winter storm we decided to go out to breakfast today to celebrate!  We went to one of her favorite local restaurants – Bob Evan’s!  I got scrambled egg whites and toast because I knew I wanted to get my run in before lunch  Still soooo tasty!

When we were at Bob’s, as usual, my parents and grandparents saw lots of people they knew.  I guess that’s what you get when you’ve lived in the same small country town forever!  One of the gentlemen who came over to see my grandpa said hello to my younger sister and I and asked us if we’d like a kiss!  We were sort of thrown off guard, but knew the smile on his face said he was joking, but then he held out his hand and gave each of us a Hershey’s Kiss!  My mom explained that this man worked at the post office for many years and she remembers growing up getting the chocolately treat from him whenever she’d have to go there.  I think it’s such a sweet gesture and definitely put a smile on my face!

Today’s run was good once I got going!  I have absolutely no motivation to head out into the cold (my weather app told me it ‘felt like’ 21 degrees!), but know that once I’m a mile into any run I’ll be fine.  I laced up for 5 miles and made my mental plan to stay engaged.

Today’s run:

Mile 1: Warm up, then RPE 8
Mile 2: Back off, RPE 6/7
Mile 3: Speed up, RPE 8
Mile 4: Back off, RPE 7
Mile 5: Speed up, RPE 8/9

I was so happy when I finished!  I definitely never regret a workout!

Time for a snack: bananas, almond butter, and wheat thins!  Mmm!!!

Question: Does your community have any memorable townies?  If so, share your story!


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