Zoe’s Running Injury

Well, before my workout we had a lovely trip to the vet’s office this morning for miss Zoe.  Zoe and I were playing outside on Saturday and she somehow managed to misstep and fall onto her side (okay, it looked like she body slammed the ground).  She got up and shook it off, but turned to me, wagging her tail, and stumbled/limped toward me.  I immediately panicked (internally) and grabbed her so she wouldn’t walk any farther.  I started to gently feel my way up and down her left leg and shoulder seeing if there was a tender spot.  She was so good and didn’t whimper or try to jump away once, so we figured she just bruised or sprained something.

We had been letting her rest and keeping an eye on her so she doesn’t try to run around (such a happy 11 year old pup!) and hurt herself more.  We gave the vet a call first thing and zipped over to his office to get Zo-Bo checked out.

Diagnosis: 2 significant sprains (shoulder and elbow) that need LOTS of rest for the next week or so and to keep her calm for the next two weeks.  I love our vet and he is always so thorough in examination/explaining what’s going on.

So for the next week or so we’re going to have a “Skippy” on our hands (my dad’s current nickname for our poor injured doggy) along with our “Floppy” (my dad’s nickname for Dazy, she loves to just flop onto the ground and expose her belly for a good rubbin’!).  She’s already not happy I took Dazy on a walk without her…but I’m hoping she enjoys her time off:

Today’s workout:
A circuit workout from PBFINGERS.com and teaching a 45-min Zumba class tonight!


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