Pretzel-making Date Day

This weekend has been amazing – my university started spring break (yay for no work or attending classes!), I got a pretty exciting phone call, and my fiance came up to visit!

Yesterday I started off the day with a 4 mile run at the gym.  My love/hate relationship with the treadmill continues, but I try to make the most of it.  Hey, it’s not it’s fault that indoor running can be boring.  All relationships have to have a little give and take, eh??  😉

I was niceeeee and sweaty by the end…and my legs were burning!  I took a few minutes to cool down and stretch and headed home to make some yummy pretzels with my man!

My mom had given Tim an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel-Making kit for Valentine’s Day thinking it might be fun to do together.  She got to witness some of our crazy antics while attempting to figure it all out (it really wasn’t hard).

We had a lot of fun making them!  It did take a little bit of time, but that was okay with us because we weren’t looking for a quick activity.

Isn’t he cute when he bakes?  🙂

We made all kinds of shapes, a heart was a must of course.

After our pretzel-making adventure we spent the afternoon just hanging out until heading out to grab some Mexican food and fro-yo!  We finished off the day with a competitive game of Scrabble!

I told Tim to smile for a picture, and he turned into Vanna White.  I guess his inner supermodel comes out for the camera (jokes, of course!).

Question: Have you ever tried cooking with your significant other?  Does it go well?  Do you have any favorite games you like to play together?


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