Goodbye Cake

Our usual Friday morning work meeting was a funny, emotional one today. Our amazing secretary is leaving us for another department on campus and we will miss her!  Our office has some hilarious employees, so we heard a goodbye nursery rhyme, a farewell song, and ate some delicious breakfast foods and of course, cake!  I snagged one of the breakfast casseroles and some fruit before sitting down to small piece of cake.  The breakfast casserole I selected was delicious: eggs, tomato, mushroom, and something green I couldn’t quite figure out!  I’m going to have to get the recipe for you!

(This is NOT my picture – I pulled it off google images just to show you the type of cake we had!)

My parents picked me up at work and we went “up north” for a delicious lunch at Scrambler Maries!  I wanted some veggies after that heavy breakfast, so I ordered a salad and toast!  Scrambler Maries never disappoints and I highly recommend it if you’re in the Toledo area!  They only serve breakfast and lunch, so go early!

My body motioned for an off day, so I went on a 1.5 mile jog and stretched thoroughly!  Now onto an evening of finishing up some assignments, then I’m officially on SPRING BREAK!  Whoo hoo!

Question: Does your office celebrate things like birthdays, special moments, etc?  How do they do it?  Does your family have a favorite restaurant like we do?  What is it?


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