Crab Walk

Yes, ladies and gents, today’s workout including CRAB WALKING.  Does anyone remember doing it in gym class in elementary school?  The sad thing was I actually had to think for a moment when I saw bear crawl and crab walk on my workout plan.

I opted to switch today and tomorrow’s workouts because I just felt like my body needed a little break from yesterday’s workout mania before conquering a five mile run.  Instead I looked for fitness inspiration and ideas on Pinterest and saw I had pinned a crossfit at home workout series.  I found the upper body workout and I modified it a little to suit my taste:

It was a pretty decent workout – not too intense, perfect for a day of active recovery before teaching yet another Zumba class tonight!

Question: Have you ever tried CrossFit?  If so, do you do it at home or at a CrossFit gym?  I’d like to learn more!


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