Rainboots Fail

Whew…if you live in the midwest, you know how awful the weather was today!  Rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow..yuck yuck yuck.  This is exactly why I do not want to live in Ohio post-graduation!  When I was running errands and when I had to walk around on campus tonight for my exam my rain boots decided to fail and allow a small pond to form inside.  Blech.

So…what better way to beat the gloominess with a bright, warm lunch!  I made my old combo of quinoa and diced tomatoes and threw in some kale we had in the fridge for an extra nutritional punch!  Crackers and some cheese made this dish a super-tasty meal.


(Like my kiddy spoon?!  I actually like eating with this silverware because it slows me down!)

I spent the afternoon studying for my Health Behavior midterm and waited a little longer than usual to hit the gym so I only went once (just left for class from the gym!).

I ran my Tuesday 5-miler in just under 50 minutes.  I got lost in thought after about 20 minutes and forgot to reset the “end timer” on the treatmill, so it automatically switched to “cool down” mode after 30 minutes.  Oops!  That’s okay, it brought me back to reality!

Questions: Do you ever get intensely lost in thought during a workout?  Do you consider working out your time to think?  

Note: I survived my exam – now we play the waiting game for the grade!


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