MidWest Fit Fest

I promised all of you a recap of MidWest FitFest, so here it is!  MidWest FitFest is an annual event for fitness programs at colleges and universities across the MidWest region.  The various fitness programs at each university can send their group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and fitness GA’s/directors to this information and workout-packed weekend to gain new ideas, network, and engage in some awesome discussion about other programs.

This was my first year attending FitFest and I LOVED every second of it!    It was just a nice reminder that I chose the right career path and made the right decision becoming a group exercise instructor!  I am so passionate about all of it and didn’t think it would be this possible to gain any more excitement – but it is!!

In my opinion, the conference seemed well-organized.  The facility was clean, the staff was helpful, and most of the event seemed to run smoothly.  The event registration had the option of a tshirt or tank with registration, I’m glad I opted for a tank – they’re so comfy!  They had some awesome sponsors and I heard about an awesome student organization(CHAARG) I think would be good to start at BG. Some of the sponsors were Noodles and Co who provided lunch on Sunday, Panera who provided lunch on Saturday, and Clif Luna Bars!

One of their sponsors was VSX…Victoria’s Secret Sport!  I didn’t even know this line existed!  They gave away some SWEET swag and I even got lucky and went to the cycle class where they provided each bike with a free water bottle.  How fab!


My Saturday Schedule:

7-7:50am: Zumba
8:15-9:30am: Piloxing
9:45-10:45am: Welcome Session
11-12:15pm: Lose the ‘tude (a lecture about exercise and mood!)
12:30-1:45pm: LUNCH (Panera catering…yum)
2-3:15pm: the most intense indoor cycling class of my life!
3:30-4:45pm: SwimFIT
5-6:15pm: Bootcamp/Yoga Fusion (taught by an Army vet…so intense!)

We went out to PF Changs for a yummy dinner to refuel before bed!  I got Buddha’s Feast, a delicious veggie dish with tofu!  You could have the dish steamed or stir-fried, served with rice.  I would get this same dish again if I go back to PF Changs.  SO GOOD!

My Sunday Schedule:

7-7:50am: TurboKick (taught by our Fitness GA!!)
8-9:15am: How to Get in Shape (a lecture, basic fitness tips – whatever, we wanted a workout break!)
9:30-10:45am: TurboKick/Zumba: The Ultimate Fitness Party
11am-12pm: Roundtable Discussion with other instructors

Can I just tell you how sore I am today?!  It’s gotten better thanks to some yoga and foam rolling!  I’m just secretly glad my Zumba class was canceled tonight 🙂

It was a great weekend and I have a lot of new ideas/information to add to my instructor bank ‘o’ knowledge!  Look for a follow up post regarding the individual class descriptions (Turbo, Pilox, SwimFit) because they’re gunna knock your socks off!

Questions: Do you ever attend conferences or seminars related to a topic of interest?  What do you find most beneficial: active workshops or lecture-style workshops?  I personally think a combo of both works for me and my field!


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