Recovery Fuel

Today let’s talk about one of my favorite things of all time: FOOD!  I know how important eating right is, especially for those of us who like being active.   I don’t count calories, but I think it’s just naturally drilled into my head from studying food and all of its wonders as a dietetics major.  I make sure to eat a variety of foods and a healthy balance of CHO, fat, and protein.  I’m a vegetarian, so I really monitor my protein intake to make sure I’m getting an adequate amount.  I also tend to eat less throughout the start of the day and more in the evening.  This is the schedule my body likes and thrives on based on when I’m most active, but everyone has different needs and things that work for them (just a disclaimer!).

Some of my food favorites (I eat some weirddddd combos):

-Cooked broccoli and spaghetti sauce
-Almond Butter
-Chocolate in all forms

Enough about food, onto the workout!

My workout started fine.  I got to the Community Center after lunch and signing our lease for the summer apartment (yay for living with my best friend again!).  My training plan told me I had a 5 mile run ahead of me – yay!!!


(Can anyone guess what my fave color is?  Hint: it’s actually NOT pink!  But I still love it!)

My lunch was on the smaller side, but had enough carbs to sustain my 5 mile run.  The run was challenging (but really, workouts should be challening!) and I was famished by the end.


(Please tell me a run like this makes you a hungry hungry bear, too!)

I got home…and didn’t refuel properly.  I had some strawberries and lots of water, but then started to feel sick.  I think I gulped too much water too quickly!  I ended up spending about an hour on my couch trying to shake the yucky sick feeling.  My dinner was small because I had to teach Zumba later on, but even after snacking I could tell my body was wiped out.

Food is Fuel.  My tank was on “E” and I didn’t listen and fill ‘er up properly.  Eating after working out helps prompt recovery and helps those tired, sore muscles heal!

Personal Reminders:

-Always EAT after the run.  My fuel of choice is a smoothie or a banana, depending on distance and type of run!
-Drink enough before, during, and after!  My mistake was forgetting my water bottle at the gym – I usually try to sip on it a little during my runs (not too much though – cramps!)

Questions: What do you like to refuel with after a workout?  Have you ever had the “post workout slump” like I did yesterday?


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