Hey y’all!

So here it (finally) is!  My updated training plan for the Glass City Half Marathon and Bike for Tikes!  I will ride 180 miles April 5-7th followed by a 13.1 mile run on April 28!  I tried training for a marathon last year while training for B4T – probably not a great idea!  I got up to mile 12 before my body told me it was too much.  I figured I could handle a half marathon this year, though 🙂 

It’s 8 weeks long, and I guess if you’re not training for a ride you could still spin as cross training, take an off day, or do whatever you’d like on the days I have bike training.

I based this plan off of my current schedule as well as past experiences using Hal Higdon and Runner’s World training plans.  Also, I did a spin class 2x/week for training for B4T last year and while the ride was tough (hell, it’s 180 miles-its gunna be tough) I was able to finish it without any major issues.  

(As with anything workout and nutrition related, check with your doc before trying it!).  

Happy Wild Wednesday, my friends!  We’re almost to the weekend – and MIDWEST FITFEST!

Question: How do you decide what training plan to use?


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